About us

MDM Engineering is a minerals process engineering and project management company, based in South Africa. With a proven track record of over 26 years, a team of skilled professionals with experience in 15 countries around the world, and the support of both strong financiers and shareholders, MDM is well positioned to undertake small, medium and large scale minerals projects on a global basis.

MDM Engineering sets itself apart from the rest by:

- being a world class engineering company with global experience, especially into Africa;
- having +200 engineering professionals, who have the capacity to deliver a project on deadline;
- supporting a technical team with over 26 years experience in designing and building process plants across a range of minerals;
- providing a cost-effective approach to design , which means we deliver on budget;
- producing plants that are functional, efficient and durable, making them easy to maintain;
- being transparent with our 'open-book' contracting method , ensuring that any savings gets shared with the client.


Since purchasing MDM Ferroman’s 18 years of intellectual capital and historical data in February 2006, as well as employing all MDM Ferroman’s key staff, MDM Engineering has been implementing a new management style and processes.

MDM Directors

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