MDM Engineering is the successor company to MDM Ferroman (Pty) Ltd. Since purchasing MDM Ferroman’s 18 years of intellectual capital and historical data in February 2006, as well as employing all MDM Ferroman’s key staff, MDM Engineering has been implementing a new management style and processes.

The company has over 26-years’ operational experience, with a team that has been responsible for, among others:

82 bankable feasibility studies completed
over 96% of those BFS went on to receive third party financing
Constructed 65 metallurgical plants, 63 in Africa
all producing above design capacity
Experience in 15 countries worldwide
African focus
Worked across the spectrum with regard to minerals

MDM Engineering has a team of ±200 professional staff covering the process, design, project management, construction, commissioning and commercial aspects of the business.




MDM Engineering is a minerals process engineering and project management company, based in South Africa.

With a proven track record of over 26 years and a team of skilled professionals with experience MDM is well positioned to undertake small, medium and large scale minerals projects on a global basis.